Chow Mai Fang/炒米粉


10 Oz.Mai fang

¼ head of shredded Cabbage

¼ lb Shredded beef marinated with a little bit of salt, chicken power and cooking wine

A few Peeled Shrimp marinated with salt, cooking wine and pepper

One shredded Squid marinated with salt, chicken power and cooking wine

One scallion


Bring water to boil. Precook cabbage first, drain. Then precook shrimps and squid in the boiling water too.

In a hot pan add oil and precook beef.

Add some oil in the sauté pan, add white part of scallion, cabbage and precooked mai fang cook for 2 mins with 1/3 cup of water. Add beef and seafood, 4 tbsps. of oyster sauce, 3 tbsp. of cooking wine and 1/3 tbsp. of chicken power, mix well. Add a few drop of sesame oil and green part of scallion at the end. You can add some hot oil if you like it hot and spicy.



¼ 颗台湾椰菜切丝

1/4 磅牛肉切丝 加少许盐,鸡粉和料酒腌渍




煮开一锅水,先把椰菜煮熟。接着把虾与鱿鱼也在水中煮熟 盛起。

在炒锅中加油先把牛肉炒熟, 盛起。

加多一点油在锅里,加入葱白,椰菜,米粉还有1/3 杯水煮两分钟。加入牛肉海鲜,4tbsp 耗油,3tbsp 料酒,1/3 tbsp 鸡粉,搅拌均匀。最后加几滴的芝麻油和葱。喜欢辣的还可以加辣油。

Similar way of cooking ShangHai noodles and Hofun.


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