Potato Salad/土豆沙拉


3 large Potatoes dice into small pieces boil them in water until fork tender.

12 peeled and deveined jumbo shrimps, half of them with heads on. Cut the other half into smaller pieces.

½ cup of mix peas, carrot and corns

Two boiling eggs dice into small pieces too

At least half cup of light Hellmann’s mayonnaise (for me the more the better)

Precook everything separately in boiling water. When cool, Mix everything (besides the 6 whole shrimps) together with a Pinch of salt and black pepper to the taste. Add the 6 shrimps on top of the potatoes salad like three hearts sharp. Sprinkle it with a little bit of chives.

3 个 大土豆切成小块在水中煮到熟备用。

12 只去皮去內臟大蝦,一半的頭留着,另一半切成小塊。

混合豌豆、 胡蘿蔔、 玉米 (半杯)


至少半杯Hellmann的蛋黃醬 (對我來說越多越好)

每种食材都用滚水分开煮熟,晾凉后混合所有食材(除了 6 只整蝦) 加少許鹽和黑胡椒。6 只蝦摆到土豆沙拉上面,像三顆心的形状。上面撒上一點點的細香蔥。

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