Water Spinach Salad/蒜伴空心菜


A little more than 1 pound of Water spinach (after picked)


½ tbsp. garlic

1.5 tbsp of light soy sauce

½ tbsp. of oyster sauce

1.5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

½ teasp of chicken powder

1 teasp of sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and set aside

In a big sautéed pan bring water to boil, and then add water spinach to it with 1 tbsp of oil. Cook for 3-4 minutes then drain really well. Add the sauce to the vegetable.

1 磅多一點的空心菜(拣好后的)


½ 湯匙大蒜

生抽 1.5 勺

蠔油 ½ 勺

特級橄欖油 1.5 勺

雞粉 ½ 小勺

1 小勺的糖


大鍋裡把水燒開,然後放空心菜进去煮外加1 湯匙油。煮 3-4 分鐘,然後捞出擠幹水。將醬汁加到菜里。

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