Double Flavor Wings/鸡翅双拼


12 pieces of wings (middle part)

Some steam broccoli

Superior Pickle sauce

Coke flavor wings

Wings with pickle sauce


In a big cooking pan add enough water to cook 6 pieces of wings. Bring the water to boil add 2-3 pieces of ginger, cook the wings in the boiling water until the juice running out of the wing is clear when you stick a fork into it.

Cool the wing to the room temperature, and then add enough pickle sauce to cover all the wings. Leave them in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. For the best result 24 hours is recommended. This recipe is also good for chicken feet and pig feet.

12 只鸡翅膀 (中間部分)






在大鍋中添加足夠的水來煮其余6只翅膀 。把水燒開加 2-3 片生薑,放鸡翅进去煮到鸡翅用叉子叉进去时流出的水没有血水。

鸡翅冷卻到室溫,然後加入足夠的糟卤要覆蓋所有的翅膀。放在冰箱裡至少 6 小時。建議 24 小時有最好的結果。這個配方也适用于雞爪和豬腳。

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