Sweet And Sour Radish/甜酸小萝卜


6, 7 medium size radishes

Cut the radishes in halves, then with the help of a pair of chop sticks as shown below, cut the radish evenly without breaking it into pieces.


Add 1TBSP of salt to the halved radishes and leave them for at least 30 minutes. Squeeze all the Salt water out of them then add 4TBSP of sugar and 2.5 TBSP of white rice vinegar. It will be ready to eat after a few hours. Over night is better.

6、 7 個中等大小蘿蔔
將 1 湯匙鹽添加到蘿蔔里腌至少 30 分鐘。擠壓所有咸水出来。 然後加 4 湯匙的糖和 2.5 湯匙白米醋。幾個小時後可以吃。格天更好。

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