Pumpkin Cakes/南瓜饼



1/2 Japanese pumpkin

1/2 bag of glutinous rice flour

1 bowl of home made sweet red bean paste ( store bought will be fine too)

Cut pumpkin into small pieces and steam over water until fork tender. Scoop pumpkin meat out and mix with half bag of  glutinous rice flour or until the dough is not sticky anymore. Cut the dough into 12 even pieces, wrap the small red bean paste ball into the pumpkin dough and flatten it thin. Garnishing it with black sesame on one side.  In a non stick skillet add a little bit of oil and pan fried each side of pumpkin cakes with low heat until they turn clear yellow color.


1/2 日本南瓜
1/2 袋糯米粉
自製甜紅豆沙 1 碗 (买的也可以)
把南瓜切成小塊蒸到软烂。把南瓜肉用汤勺挖出和半袋糯米粉和好或直到麵團不再粘手。把麵團切成 12 塊、 用南瓜麵團包裹小的紅豆沙球然后摁扁。用黑芝麻裝飾它其中一面。在不粘鍋中添加一點點的油用小火两面煎直到他們變成透明的黃颜色
This is steam pumpkin cake. Same way of doing it but steam over water for about 10 minutes./猛火蒸10 分钟。
Deep fried pumpkin cake/炸南瓜煎堆

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