Sirloin Stew With White Radish/牛腩燉白蘿蔔


Sirloin 2 pounds

White radish 3 pounds

Vegetarian mushroom Oyster sauce 5 tbsp

Soy sauce 4 tbsp

Sugar 3 tbsp

Ginger 2 slices

Cooking wine 1 tbsp

Star aniseed 2 pieces

Water 1/3 cup

Blanch the sirloin in boiling water for about 3 minutes and then wash them with running cold water. In a pressure cooker add all the ingredients except white radish, and cook 10 more minutes after the steam comes out of the vent and the weighted pressure regulator begins to jiggle. Turn the gas off and let the pressure all comes out of the pressure cooker and totally cool down, open the pressure cooker and add the white radish and cook for 10 more minutes after the pressure regulator begins to jiggle.

Tips: Different pressure cooker will have different power, adjust your cooking time accordingly. If you like it spicy, add a few pieces of dried red pepper.


牛腩 2 磅

白蘿蔔 3 磅

香菇素耗油 5 湯匙

醬油 4 湯匙

糖 3 湯匙

生薑 2 片

料酒 1 湯匙

八角茴香 2 颗

1/3 杯水

牛腩在滾水中焯煮約 3 分鐘,然後用冷水沖洗。在壓力鍋裡添加除了白蘿蔔以外所有的食材,当蒸汽從通風口出来时(壓力調節器開始搖晃)吱吱作响后再煮 10 分鐘。把煤氣關掉讓高壓鍋内所有的壓力完全跑掉,打開高壓鍋加白蘿蔔蓋上盖子当蒸汽從通風口出来吱吱作响后再煮 10 分钟。

小貼士: 不同壓力鍋將有著不同的压力,你的烹飪時間应做相應的調整。如果你喜歡辣,添加幾只幹紅椒。

In the boiling water precook any kind of noodles with some vegetable, then bring the noodles and vegetable to a big bowl, add Sirloin stew with white radish and some broth, it is another simple but fulfilling dish.


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