1:中筋面粉4杯, 泡打粉2茶匙;


3:盆内放入1料的面粉和泡打粉拌匀,加入2料揉成表面光滑的面团。然后加1茶匙玉米油揉均匀,放在暖和的地方保温保湿发酵大约1.5 小时。

4:红萝卜1小条,西葫芦1.5 磅擦丝加盐2茶匙放15分钟后挤干水分。加碎肉一磅,葱花4大匙,姜蓉2茶匙,料酒2茶匙,香油2小匙,盐1茶匙,香菇素耗油2大匙,蛋清半个,鸡粉1/2茶匙,白胡椒粉1/3茶匙;伴匀。


6: 做好的包子坯放入不粘锅,或铺了湿纸巾的烤盘里放入烤箱里(不用开烤箱),醒发至少30分钟至1.5倍大。煎锅放1大匙橄榄油,将醒好的包子放入煎锅。将煎锅置炉上开大火,加3/4杯水,然后盖上盖。水开后继续大火煎至水快干,听到吱吱响声后,转中小火煎4-5分钟,离火等1-2分钟再揭盖,趁热吃。




Fried pork bun:

1: All-purpose flour 4 cups, baking powder 2 teaspoons;

2: Warm water 440 grams, 1 teaspoon sugar, fast rising yeast 2.5 TSP, all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon, mix, let stand 10 minutes.

3: Flour and baking powder mix well, stir in ingredients 2 and knead until it is smooth. Then add 1 teaspoon corn oil rub evenly, put in a warm place to ferment for about 1.5 hours.

4: Shred one small carrot, and 1.5 pound zucchini, add 2 teaspoons salt then drained all the water after 15 minutes. Add one pound ground pork, chopped scallion 4 tablespoons, minced ginger 2 teaspoons, cooking wine 2 teaspoons, sesame oil 2 teaspoons, salt 1 teaspoon, and vegetarian oyster sauce 2 tablespoons, half egg white, chicken powder ½ teaspoon, white pepper 1/3 teaspoons; mix well.

5: When the dough rise to twice in size, knead the dough a little then divided it evenly into 36 small pieces, each roll into thin piece and 8-10 cm in diameter, slightly thicker in the middle. Put 1.5 to 2 tablespoons filling, your right hand pinch the skin, left hand push the pinch into pleat; pinch a whole circle to turn it into buns.

6: Line them up in a nonstick pan or line with wet paper towels in the baking dish in the oven (do not turn on the oven) for at least 30 minutes to 1.5 times as big. With 1 tablespoon olive oil in a nonstick frying pan, turn the gas on, add ¾ cup of water, then cover the lid. Continue to cook until the water almost all gone; when you hear the creak, turn the heat to small and continue to cook for 4-5 minutes, 1-2 minutes after you turn off the heat, they are ready to eat.

Steamed buns:

Same processes as list above but divide the dough into 16 even pieces and when the buns are ready let stand for at least 30 minutes to 1.5 times as big in size. Bring the water to boil, then steam the buns for about 15 minutes, turn off heat and wait at least 5 minutes.

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