1 bag of house of pasta frozen pizza dough

One small can of pizza sauce

Cheeses (any kind that you like)

Sweet sausage 1/3 pound

White meat chicken a few oz.

Chunk pinapple a few pieces

One small green pepper (sliced)

One small red onion (sliced)

This list can go on and on, basically, you use any kind of your favor ingredients for toppings and use as much as you want. This is the one reason I want to do pizza at home. Lol…

Follow the instruction on the back of the pizza dough bag to thaw the dough. I made square pizza because it is easier for me. On a baking sheet, place a piece of parchment paper, Place a thin layer of pizza sauce on the dough, then add cheeses then vegetable, last but not the least any kind of meat you like. In a 450 F preheat oven, bake for 15 minutes.


House of paste 牌的冷凍披薩麵團 1 袋


乳酪 (任何你喜歡的種類)

甜香腸 1/3 磅



一個小青椒 (切片)

一個小的紅洋蔥 (切片)


遵循比薩餅麵團袋背面的指令解冻。我做了方形比薩,因為它對我來說跟容易一点。烘板上, 放置一張羊皮紙,將一層薄薄的比薩醬涂在麵團上,然後添加乳酪然後蔬菜,最後任何一種你喜歡的肉。在華氏 450 度的烤箱,烤 15 分鐘。

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