Ba Choy With Cellophane Noodles/白菜粉丝


1.5 pound Chinese Ba choy

A few pieces straw mushrooms

2 Oz. Dried cellophane noodles

½ cup ground pork

A few pieces of fungus and black mushrooms

One scallion

In a large cooking pot, bring water to boil. Precook Chinese ba choy in boiling water for 5 minutes and set aside. After finish cooking vegetable, also precook Noodles in boiling water for 5 minutes and set aside.

In a hot skillet, add 3tbsp oil then add pork, white part of scallion and ½ tsp minced ginger sautéed until pork turns white. Add all the mushrooms and fungus continue cooking for 3 minutes, add ¼ tsp salt then add ba Choy and noodles along with 3 tbsp vegetable oyster sauce, 1 tbsp cooking wine and 1/3 cup water, cover and cook for 7 minutes. Finally, add green part of scallion, ½ tsp chicken powder and a few drops of sesame oil.

1.5 磅中國大白菜


干粉丝 2 盎司。


幾片黑木耳、 香菇


在大锅中,把水燒開。把大白菜放滾水中煮 5 分鐘,待用。煮完蔬菜之後, 也把粉丝放滾水中煮 5 分鐘,待用。

熱锅中加 3 湯匙油,然後添加蔥白和 ½ 茶匙切碎的生薑,豬肉碎直到豬肉變白色。加所有的蘑菇和黑木耳繼續煮 3 分鐘,加 ¼ 茶匙鹽然後 大白菜,粉丝, 3 湯匙素蠔油、 1 湯匙料酒1/3 杯水,盖上盖子煮 7 分鐘。最後,添加蔥、 半茶匙雞粉、 麻油幾滴。

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