Beef WithTofu/金砖豆腐牛


Ground beef ½ pound

Firm Tofu 1 pound

Marinate beef with 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1.5 tbsps light soy sauce, ½ egg white, a little bit of white pepper and chicken powder and 2 tbsps sweet potato starch for 30 minutes. Mix the meat in one direction for a few minutes until beef is very sticky.

Cut tofu into two big pieces and scoop the middle part of tofu out, add the beef into the holes we just dig and smooth the surface. Add 2 tbsp oil into a hot skillet, pan fry each side of tofu until golden brown and move tofu to a flat plate steam over boiling water for 10 minutes. In a small bowl, mix soy sauce, water, white rice vinegar, sugar(1:2:1:1),1/2 tsp chicken powder, 1 tbsp cooking wine and 3 tbsp sweet potato starch water. Bring the sauce to boil then pour over the tofu beef.


牛肉碎½ 磅

老豆腐 1 磅

牛肉用1 湯匙蠔油、 1.5 湯匙醬油、 半个 蛋清、 一點點白胡椒、 雞粉和 2 湯匙紅薯澱粉醃30 分鐘。在同一個方向打幾分鐘,直到牛肉变很黏。

將 豆腐切成兩大塊,豆腐的中間部分用勺子挖出来,把牛肉填进去再把表面弄光滑。熱锅中加入 2 湯匙油,煎豆腐直到各面都金黃色再移豆腐到盘子上。隔水蒸 10 分鐘。在小碗中,混合醬油、 水、 白米醋、 糖 (1:2:1:1)、 1/2 茶匙雞粉、 1 湯匙烹調酒和 3 湯匙甘薯澱粉水。把調味汁煮沸,然後倒在豆腐牛肉上。

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