Peacock Fish/孔雀开屏



  • 鳊鱼 (一条)


  • 鲜姜 (一块)
  • 青朝天椒 (两三个)
  • 葱 (半颗)
  • 黄瓜 (一小段)
  • 胡萝卜 (一段)
  • 绍酒 (两勺)
  • 盐 (适量)
  • 胡椒粉 (少许)
  • 蒸鱼豉油 (三勺)
  • 水 (少许)
  • 植物油 (少许)





The main ingredient:

  • Bream


  • Fresh ginger (a few pieces)
  • Green pod pepper (two or three pieces)
  • Green onion (one)
  • Cucumber (half)
  • Carrot (one paragraph)
  • Cooking wine (two teaspoons)
  • Salt (a little)
  • White Pepper (a little)
  • Soy sauce for steamed fish (three tbsp)
  • water (a little)
  • Vegetable oil (3tbsp)

Cut off fish’s head and tail, then slice the fish body into thin slices around the stomach.

Ginger, carrot cut into diamond-shaped pieces, green pod pepper cut into small pieces. Shred some ginger and green onion.

Cover the plate with some shredded onion and ginger, and then add fish, gradually lined up into a Peacock-like, put cut diamonds and green pod pepper within the fish slices.

Then steam over high heat for about 5 minutes, turn the heat off with cover on for another minute. Remove onion, pour soy sauce over the fish, add some shredded green onion on top of fish, and then add heated up vegetable oil to the green onion.

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