Chicken Balls/鸡肉丸



  • 鸡胸肉 (300 克)
  • 猪肉碎 (100 克)


  • 猪油板 (50克)
  • 食盐 (1茶勺)
  • 白胡椒粉 (1/4茶勺)
  • 葱姜水 (1/4 杯)
  • 蛋清 (半个)
  • 地瓜粉(3大勺)




抓一些鸡茸在手里,拿一小块猪肉放在鸡茸上面靠近虎口的地方,然后从拇指和食指中间把鸡肉包住猪肉挤成丸子用粘过水的汤勺接住,放入微微滚得汤水中煮大概6,7 分钟。加鸡粉,盐紫菜青葱调味。


Main ingredient

  • Chicken breast (300 g)
  • Ground Pork (100 g)
  • Pork fat (50 g)
  • salt (1 teaspoon)
  • White pepper (one-fourth teaspoons)
  • Ginger water (1/4 cup)
  • The egg white (half)
  • Potato flour (3 tablespoons)

Dice chicken then blend it in a blender with egg white, salt, white pepper, potato starch and onion ginger water for a few minutes. Cut pork fat then chop evenly then mix with minced chicken.

Mix the chicken and pork fat in the same direction for at least 20 minutes, the longer you mix it the better result will be.

Mix pork with a little soy sauce, sugar, chicken powder, green onion and mix well.

Grab some chicken in hand, take a small piece of pork on top of mashed chicken place close to index finger and thumb, and then from the middle of the thumb and index finger wrapped pork into chicken to form a meatball then carry it away with a watered spoon. Cook it in almost boiling broth or water for about 6, 7 minutes. Season it with chicken powder, salt and seaweed.

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