Lo Mein/捞面


Cooked Lo mein 2 lbs
Beef 6 Oz
Squid 6 Oz
Chinese ba choy ½ lb
Some shredded carrot, shredded celery, dried fungus and mushroom
Soak dried vegetable in water for at least 2,3 hours ,wash carefully then shred. (Recommend soak in water overnight)
Peel the skin off the Squid then shred and marinate with salt, chicken power and cooking wine for at least half an hour.
Same for Beef, thin slice beef then marinate with salt, chicken powder and cooking wine and sweet potato starch for at least half an hour.
Bring a big pot of water to boil then add noodles in it stir and cook for one minute, take them out immediately because they are cooked noodles. In the same water add squid and a few thin slices of ginger and cook one minute, drain, set aside.
In a very hot non-stick skillet, add 4tbsp of oil stir fry beef until color turn light brown about 3 minutes, set aside.
In the same skillet add 3 more tbsp oil heat up a bit then add all the vegetable and stir fry for 5,6 minutes; then add 3tbsp water, noodles, beef, squid, 1 tsp salt, 2.5 tbsp oyster sauce and 1 tbsp dark soy sauce mix well and cook a few more minutes. Finally add 2tsp chicken powder, 1.5 tbsp cooking wine and alittle bit of white pepper. Mix until everything combines well.


熟撈面 2 磅
牛肉 6 盎司
魷魚 6 盎司
中國白菜 ½ 磅
一些胡蘿蔔丝、 芹菜丝、 幹的木耳和蘑菇

乾的菜在水中的浸泡至少 2、 3 小時,然後仔細清洗切丝。(建議在水中的浸泡一夜)
魷魚絲用鹽、 鸡粉和料酒醃至少半小时
同樣的牛肉切薄牛肉片,然後用鹽、 雞粉,料酒和馬鈴薯澱粉醃至少半小时。
在一個很熱的不粘煎鍋里加4 湯匙油炒牛肉直到顏色轉淺棕色大約3 分鐘,撥出。
在 同一個鍋中再添加 3 湯匙油稍微加熱,然後加入所有的蔬菜炒 5,6 分鐘 ;加 3 湯匙水、 麵條、牛肉,鱿鱼, 1 茶匙鹽、 2.5 湯匙蠔油 1 湯匙老抽边拌边炒 几 分鐘。最後添加 2 茶匙雞粉、 1.5 湯匙料酒和一點白胡椒。混合好就可以吃了。

2 thoughts on “Lo Mein/捞面

  1. My first Caiqin’s Kitchen recipe comes to fruition! It was very good. I substituted squid and beef for shrimp. My finicky family has to be eased (tricked) into squid. I appreciate learning about new ingredients and their preparation. Next up is your Roast Pork.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Antoinette thank you for trying my recipe. It is totally ok to substituted the ingredient with something else you like. I saw your lo mein, it was really good. Let me know if you need help with roast pork!


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