Pumpkin Square Cake/南瓜方糕


It is time for pumpkin again. I love to use pumpkin to cook different dishes. Just last week I saw a Chinese square cake that was made of pumpkin and I like it so much. So I decided to make one bases on the original recipe with some changes.

Pumpkin 500g

Coconut milk 1 1/4 cup

Milk powder 10g

Gelatin 2 bags (15g)

Sugar 1/3 cup

Heavy cream 75g

Steam the pumpkin with skin on until it is fork tender about 12 minutes. Use a spoon to scoop the pumpkin meat out the skin. I prefer to do it this way instead of cutting the hard skin off before cooking.

Puree the pumpkin in a blender with coconut milk and sugar for 3 minutes, at the end add the gelatin and mix well.

Use an electronic mixer to whip the heavy cream and milk powder until it is in stiff form.

Wait till the pumpkin puree cools down, mix in the whipped cream and pour it in a container. Cool it in a refrigerator for 2 hours. Cut into any kind of sharp you like when serve.

The purple one in the middle is made of purple sweet potato by using the same recipe.


南瓜 500g

椰奶 11/4 杯

奶粉 10 g

明膠 2 袋 (15 g)

糖 1/3 杯

奶油 75 克

蒸带皮的南瓜到熟大約 12 分鐘。用勺子舀出南瓜肉。我更願意以這種方式取肉而不是在烹飪之前切斷堅硬的皮。

在搅拌器里放入椰奶,糖和南瓜泥搅拌3 分鐘,最后添加明膠。


等到南瓜泥冷卻下來,拌入固状鮮奶油搅拌好后放在冰箱裡冻 2 個小時。吃时切成任何一種你喜歡的形状。


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