Preserved Egg and Pork Congee皮蛋瘦肉粥

I love this dish so much, but I don’t cook it very often because I am kind of impatient for this dish. The authentic Cantonese congee is kind of paste like. The rice will be cooked until you can’t see any grain in it which will be a long time of cooking with low heat and constantly stir. The other day I was so crave for congee, so I decide to use electronic pressure cooker to cook it.
Rice 1.5 cups
broth 10 cups
Preserved egg 2
Pork tenderloin 4 Oz.
Some scallion
Soak the rice in cold water overnight. Cut pork into really thin slices and marinate with salt, cooking wine and chicken powder. Cut egg into small pieces.
Add rice and broth in the pressure cooker and set time for 25 minutes. You can adjust the water according to how you want the congee to be. When the congee is ready (when the cover is ok to be removed), pour all of congee to a cooking pot and bring it to boil again, then add the thin sliced pork and preserved egg to it and cook about 3,4 minutes. Add salt, white pepper and some chicken powder to your own taste. Add scallion when you are ready to eat.
You can use water to cook this dish, but broth is recommended.

米飯 1.5 杯
高湯 10 杯
皮蛋 2个
豬裡脊肉 4 盎司。

將大米浸泡在冷水中隔夜。把豬肉切成很薄的片,加鹽,料酒、 雞粉醃。皮蛋切成小塊。
在高壓鍋中加米飯和肉湯時間設置為 25 分鐘。您可以調整水的用量根據你自己的喜好。粥好时 (确定盖可以打开)、 倒到另外一个鍋裡将它再次煮沸,然後加薄肉片和皮蛋煮約 3、 4 分鐘。跟据你自己的口味添加鹽、 白胡椒粉和雞粉。當你準備吃加蔥。

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