Seafood Soup/海鲜汤


大干贝 4颗

虾仁 10 只


鱼肚干 一片 (巴掌大)


蟹肉条3 根


鸡汤 2 夸脱

鱼肚泡水几个小时泡发后一天换水几次, 隔天在水中煮开后马上关火,捞出切丝,备用。



鸡汤加泡发的干贝,发菜先煮开后中小火煮10 分钟, 加入蟹肉条和鱼肚, 汤开了就加入淀粉水勾芡到你喜欢的稠度,最后加入虾和鱿鱼,盐,白胡椒粉和一点老抽调色加调味。2,3分钟后关火。

Dreid scallop 4 pieces

Medium shrimp 10 pieces

Squid 1 whole one

Dried fish stomach 1 piece(palm size)

Crab meat stick 3 sticks

Chinese hairy seaweed  small amount

Chicken broth 2 quarts( salt free)

Soak dried fish stomach in water over night and change the water a few times a day. the next day cook the fish stomach in water until the water is boil, turn off the heat and shred it when it is not hot.

dried scallops soak in water overnight too.

All ingredients need to be shredded.

Add chicken broth, soaked scallops and Chinese hairy seaweed together and bring to boil then cook with medium low heat for 10 minutes, add crab meat and fish stomach, when boil again adding starch water to thicken to the consistency you like. Add shrimp and squid, salt, white pepper and 1 tbsp dark soy sauce. Cook 2, 3 more minutes then turn off the heat.

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