Ox Tripe In Hot Oil Sauce/红油百叶


牛百叶 12盎司

红油 1大勺

生抽 1.5大勺

白醋 1.5 大勺

盐 2/3茶勺

糖 1.5大勺

蒜末 2 颗


牛百叶放滚水里煮 2 分钟, 捞起放冰水里。浸泡几分钟后挤干水分放盘中。 浇上酱汁就可以食用了。


Ox tripe 12 oz

Hot oil 1 tbsp

Light soy sauce 1.5 tbsp

Rice Vinegar 1.5 tbsp

Salt 2/3 teaspoon

Sugar 1.5 tablespoon

Minced garlic 2 cloves


Put all the ingredients for sauce in a bowl and mix well.

Cook ox tripe in boiling water for 2 minutes, remove and put them in ice water. Drain water from ox tripe then place them in a place. Pour the sauce over ox tripe.

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