Avocado Sandwich/奶油果三明治





奶酪 丝2安司

鸡蛋切片, 奶油果切片。

在一片面包上面放上鸡蛋,奶酪,奶油果,撒上一点盐,黑胡椒粉,难后盖上另外一片。 其他2片也一样依次做出另外一个三明治。


这是一道简单又好吃的早,午餐。你可以放任何你喜欢的蔬菜来做。 我也做了烤过的彩椒加进去的, 香味扑鼻, 味道一级棒。


Bread 4 slices

Avocado 1

2 boiled eggs

Shredded cheese 2 Oz.

Slice the eggs and avocado

On a piece of bread Put eggs, cheese, avocado, then sprinkle with a little salt, black pepper, cover with another piece of bread.  Do the same for another sandwich.

Spray some oil on a small kitchen grill then grill the sandwich for 2 minutes. If you don’t have a kitchen grill, use a skillet will work too.

This is a simple and delicious breakfast or lunch. You can add anything you like to make this sandwich. I made one with the grilled pepper and it smells fantastic.

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