Green Tea Crepe Cake/绿茶可丽蛋糕


昨天又做了一次绿茶可丽蛋糕,觉得比上一次又好吃了一点。 基本上没什么大改变, 还是一样的方子。 今天就把改进的地方讲一讲。

  1. 你要做多大的蛋糕就用多大的不沾锅来做可丽饼, 这样做出的饼就不要切边, 每张大小一样,边也齐整。 当然如果你有做可丽饼的锅又另当别论。
  2. 不要让锅子太热, 因为太热的话,浆一倒进去的时候就开始凝固了,就会造成饼厚度不均匀,一会蛋糕做出来就有高有底不好看,我这次拿个大盆子装一大盆的水, 每次做完一片饼后就把锅底放水上碰一碰,让锅子降温。 做出来的饼又薄又均匀。
  3. 饼做的厚度会直接影响到蛋糕的口感, 但也不是说薄到跟蝉翼一样就好, 因为太薄的话, 就会变的跟湿纸张晒干以后一样,凹凸不平。 这种情况很容易发生在可丽饼的边缘, 如果锅子太热,等到浆晃到边上的时候,已经没什么量了, 结果边上就特别薄还坑坑洼洼不平整。
  4. 等饼都凉了以后要涂奶油时,奶油的量要涂的对,很多人都会中间涂的比较厚,最后做出的蛋糕就中间很厚边很薄, 蛋糕看起来斜斜的, 不够美观。 通常饼皮就已经中间相对厚一点了所以反而应该边上涂多一点点。 一边做的时候要一边观察。 奶油不能涂太多, 太多蛋糕会歪, 但如果太少, 不好吃也不好看。 我偏向少涂, 这次还是少了一点。
  5. 蛋糕做完放冰箱冰几个小时, 要吃时不要从冰箱拿出就吃, 这样不好吃。 要放室温20-30分钟后再吃, 软软绵绵的。



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Yesterday,I made another green tea crepe cake; it tasted a little better than last time. I didn’t change much and I was using the same recipe. Today, I am going to share with you my improvement technique.

  1. You have to use the same size non-stick pan as the size of the cake you want to make. So you don’t have to trim the edge. Each crepe you make is going to be the same size. Of course if you have a crepe pan, then you don’t need to worry about this.
  2. Do not let the pan gets too hot because if it is too hot, then when you pour the batter into the pan, it starts to form the crepe right away and it will cause the thickness uneven, then the cake will not look good. This time I got a big pot of water, every time when I finished making a crepe I let the bottom of the pan touch the water to cool it down.
  3. The thickness of the crepe will directly affect the taste of the cake, but it doesn’t mean a crepe so thin like cicada’s wing will do any good, because if it is too thin, then it becomes the same as you dry a wet paper, it looks uneven. This is most likely to happen to the edge of crepe, if the Pan is too hot, wait until the batter gets to the edge, there is no enough batter to form the same thickness as the center.
  4. After the crepes are cold and ready for cream, the right amount of cream for each layer is very important too. Usually most people will have more cream on the center of crepe, then the cake will lean to one side. Usually the center of the crepes is thicker than the edge, so we should put a little more cream on the edge. Too much cream will make the cake slanting, too little won’t taste good or look good. I usually put less than they should be.
  5. Refrigerate the cake for a few hours after it is done, DON’T eat it right away after you take it out of the refrigerator. It will taste a lot more tender and softer after 20-30 minutes in room temperature.

Hope my summary  helps.

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