Octopus Balls/章魚燒


Cake flour 100 g

Octopus 80 g

2 eggs

Water 1.25 cup

6 medium size shrimps

Green peas 32 pieces

Scallion 2 TBSP

Red sushi ginger some



Red ginger, scallion chop really fine

Shrimps peel and devein and each cut into 3 pieces

Octopus cut into small pieces and cook in boiling water for 15 minutes. Set aside .

Pour 1.25 cup of water that we used to boil Octopus or broth to flour, add egg, 1/4 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 teaspoons chicken powder and mix well.

Spray some oil on the octopus grill pan when heat up on fire, pour a little bit of the flour mixture to the pan, if it starts jumping and making a loud noise then it is ready. Pour the flour mixture into the pan. Only pour enough to cover the holes do not over fill them and turn the heat to medium.

On each holes put one piece of shrimp, one pieces of Octopus, two pieces of peas, sprinkle a little bit of scallion, red ginger. Use a bamboo stick to turn 90 degrees when the bottom is solidified, and add a bit of flour mixture to the free space.

2-3 minutes later turn the entire Octopus balls over, this time make sure push all the  extra parts  to the bottom so the balls will look round and pretty. Turn down the heat when doing this part. And turn the heat back on to medium when this is done.

Continue to grill for 3 minutes, turn the Octopus balls in different angles to make sure they are Golden brown on each side.

Put the Octopus balls on a plate, pour some Okonomi Sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkle some shredded dried seaweed, dried bonito shavings over the balls.

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低粉 100克

八爪鱼 80 克

鸡蛋 2个

水 1.25杯


青豆 32粒

青葱 2根

寿司红姜 少许



虾除壳去线 每只切成3 块



把章鱼烧的盘子放火上加热时喷一点的油在上面, 先挑一点的浆在盘子上试一下火候,会马上吱吱响时就可以把浆倒入盘中凹槽里,第一次倒时倒刚刚满就好了,不要漫出来


烧2-3分钟后就把章鱼烧整个翻过来,这个时候要注意要把多余的部分全部塞到底下去章鱼烧才会圆滚滚好看。 做这部份时把火调小。全部翻个后再把火调大。

再烧3-4分钟就差不多了。 要把章鱼烧多转几圈保证每一面都金黄好看。

把章鱼烧排在盘子里, 浇点Okonomi Sauce, 日本的蛋黄酱,撒点紫菜丝,柴鱼片就可以吃了。

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