Beef Short Ribs with Asparagus/牛仔骨炒芦笋


I love Beef short ribs a little too much recently (no wonder I gained weight!!!!). Today I cooked another beef short ribs dish. It is similar to my onion with beef short ribs I cooked 2 days ago. If you like your asparagus crunchy then cook them in boiling water for one minute then take them out and leave them in ice cool water to cool it down. Then saute with garlic (or other vegetables) and beef short ribs for 2 minutes just like how I cook them with onion.

最近吃牛仔骨有点上瘾了。 今天又煮了一道跟前2天差不多的菜。 今天用了芦笋。 如果你喜欢吃脆脆的芦笋那就在滚水了煮1分钟,马上捞起来放冰水里泡。 然后加蒜头炒2分钟就可以了。

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