Cranberry Sauce/蔓越莓酱


Thanksgiving turkey can’t be perfect without Cranberry sauce. Amount all the dishes, this is the easiest dish for the holiday! I used to buy the can sauce just out of conveniences. This year I feel like to make my own sauce, so I google and made this delicious cranberry sauce by Toni from I did adjust the recipe a little bit.

12 ounces cranberries

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup white sugar

1 cup orange juice 1 stick of cinnamon stick

combine everything together and cook for 15 minutes, use a big spoon to smash the cranberries after it starts to pop. If you want it to be thicker just cook a few more minutes. I like to use it for sandwich too.

感恩节一定要吃火鸡, 吃火鸡就必须要有蔓越莓酱。 以往我都买罐头的。 今年决定要自己煮。 我上网查了后用了Toni的食谱, 很好吃又简单。

12 盎司的蔓越莓





把所有的材料放锅里煮15 分钟,蔓越莓开始爆开时,用大汤勺把蔓越莓摁烂。

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