Millet Congee/ 小米粥


This is one of my favorite breakfast, so easy to prepare and so healthy for our health.

1/4 cup Millet

1/4 cup short grain white rice

6 oz. Japanese pumpkin

1.5 quarts water

Soak Millet and rice in water for 2-3 hours

Mix water, millet and rice and cook about 20 minutes.

While congee is cooking, steam pumpkin with skin on over boiling water about 10-15 minutes. When it is ready, scoop the pumpkin meat out and add it to the congee and continue to cook for a few minutes. You can add some rock sugar to the congee if you like it sweet.




1/4 小米




6 盎司日本南瓜


1.5 夸脱


小米大米浸泡 2-3 小时


混合 小米大米 20 分钟


在煮粥南皮带皮用滚水蒸大约 10-15 分钟它熟了之后南瓜粥里继续分钟如果喜欢可以在粥里一些冰糖

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