Hair Tail Fish In White Pepper Sauce/福州红烧带鱼


For some reasons, I don’t like fish that much any more. Most of time I think they are very fishy and  when I cook the smell will stay at home for quite a while. So I just kind of stop buying fish.  A few days ago my mother bought a big hair tail fish and I had to cook it, so I tried my best to make it delicious but not to smelly and it turned out to be pretty good! My home didn’t smell fishy after cooking. The secret is the ginger, add 2,3 pieces ginger to the oil when you deep fry any kind of fish.

Hair tail fish 2 pounds

Ginger 4 pieces

Scallion 1 piece


Light soy sauce 5tbsps

White pepper 1/4tsp

Sugar 2.5tbsps

Vinegar 3tbsps

Water 4-5tbsps

Mix all the ingredients for sauce together in a small container.

Cut hair tail fish into 2 inches wide pieces marinate with a little bit of salt, cooking wine for at least 30 minutes.

lightly cover the fish with some starch, then deep fry the fish in hot oil(with 2 pieces of ginger in it) for 4-6 minutes (depend on the size of your fish) or until when you can easily insert a chop stick into the fish.

Only leave 1 tbsp of oil in the pan and sauté the scallion and ginger for a minute, add the sauce then the fish to the sauce and bring it to boil, then turn the heat to medium low and continue to cook for 4-5 minutes.

Pick the fish out of the pan first then use a little bit of starch water to thicken the sauce. Pour the sauce over the fish.


带鱼 2 磅

生姜 2 片

葱 1 根


生抽 5 大勺

白胡椒 1/4 茶匙

糖 2.5大勺

醋 3大勺

水 4-5大勺


带鱼切成2 英寸宽的片用一点点的盐,料酒腌至少 30 分钟。

薄薄地在鱼表面裹一层淀粉,然后在热油里(加2 片姜在油里, 这样家里不腥)炸4-6 分钟(取决于你的鱼的大小)或到您可以轻松地用筷子插入鱼肉。

锅里留一汤勺油加入葱和姜炒一分钟、然后加入酱汁和鱼烧开,转至中小火继续煮 4-5 分钟。


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