Bubur Cha Cha/摩摩喳喳


Taro 120g (small diced)

Japanese pumpkin 120g (small diced)

Yellow sweet potato 120g (small diced)

Purple sweet potato120g (small diced)

Japanese sweet potato 120g (small diced)

Small size Tapioca pearls 1/3 cup

Pandan leaves 3 pieces

Coconut milk 10 oz.

5 cups water

Rock sugar ¼ cup

Steam taro, pumpkin and all the potatoes over the boiling water for 15 minutes or until they are all tender.

Bring some water to boil and cook the tapioca for 2 minutes, then drain

Add 5 cup of cold water, pandan leaves and the precooked tapioca in a cooking pan and bring it to boil or cook until the tapioca turns clear without white color in the center.

Add coconut milk and rock sugar then bring everything to boil again then turns off the fire.

Add the taro, pumpkin and sweet potatoes to the coconut milk and tapioca mix.


This dish can be served hot or cold and the color is so beautiful.


芋头 120 克 (切小粒)

日本南瓜120 克 (切小粒)

黄色甜薯120 克 (切小粒))

紫色的甜薯120 克 (切小粒))

日本甜薯120 克 (切小粒)

小粒西米1/3 杯

香兰叶 3 片

椰奶 10 盎司。

5 杯水

冰糖 ¼ 杯

隔水蒸芋头、 南瓜和所有的甜薯约 15 分钟或直到他们熟透。

煮开些水来煮西米 2 分钟,然后捞出备用。

加 5 杯冷水、 香兰叶和西米在锅里一起煮开或煮到西米变成透明没有白色在中心。


加芋头、 南瓜和红薯到椰奶和西米里。




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