I have a lot of fruit at home, so this morning I decided to make some smoothie for breakfast. This is the first time I add durian to my smoothie, and it tastes so creamy with the strong smell of durian. Love the color so much!!! Yum Yum!!!

Soy milk 1 cup

Blue berry ½ pint

Pineapple a few pieces

Durian 2 small pieces

Blue berry yogurt  4 oz.

Black berry 10 pieces

Mix everything together in a blender and blend for one minute.


我家有很多的水果,所以今天早上我决定做一些奶昔当早饭。这是首次将榴莲添加到我的奶昔里,味道好到不行!这颜值101 分😍!

豆浆 1 杯

蓝莓果 ½ 品脱


榴莲 肉2 小块

蓝莓果酸奶 4 盎司。

黑莓果 10 只


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