Double Colors Sweet Rice/双色甜糯米


White sticky rice 2 cups

Black sticky rice 2 cups

Pork lard ½ cup

Sugar ½ cup + 4tbsp

Water 1/2 cup

Dried Osmanthus  2tbsp

Soak rice in water separately overnight.

Drain the rice then steam over boiling water for 10 minutes for white sticky rice and 20 minutes for black sticky rice.

When the rice is ready, mix it with ¼ cup sugar, 2tbsps water and ¼ cup of pork lard while it is still hot. Do the same for the other rice.

Get a large deep bowl, add the two different kind of rice in two separate sides then press down a little.

You can make this a day before, and if you do just steam the rice over the boiling water the next day.

Get a large plate cover the rice bowl, then flick over to get the rice to the plate.

Bring ¼ cup water, 4tbsps sugar and dried osmanthus to boil, add a little bit of starch water to thicken the sauce a little. Pour the sauce over the rice.

白糯米 2 杯

黑糯米 2 杯

猪油 ½ 杯

糖 ½ 杯 + 4 汤匙

1/2 杯水

干桂花 2 汤匙


隔水大火分开蒸白糯米10 分钟,黑糯米 20 分钟。

米饭蒸好后,混合 ¼ 杯糖,2大勺 水和猪油 ¼ 杯, 搅拌好。另一种米也一样做法拌好。




¼ 杯水,4大勺 糖和干桂花煮沸后,加入一点点的淀粉水勾芡一下。桂花糖汁倒在米饭上。

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