Ground pork 300g

Ginger 3 slices

Chinese celery 50g

Dried mushroom a few pieces

Shrimp 100g

Light Soy sauce 2.5tbsps

Dark soy sauce 1/2tbsp

Oyster sauce 1tbsp

Cooking wine 1 tbsp

Chicken powder 1tsp

White pepper powder 1/3 tsp

3 tbsps water


Dumpling skin:

All purpose flour 2 cups

Water 2/3 cup

Mix the water and flour together in a bowl, and cover with a plastic wrap and let stand for one hour.

Soak dried mushroom in water overnight.

I used both lean pork and pork fat in the ratio of 6:4, it is all up to you, you can use whatever the ratio you prefer.  Also I used food processor to cut both pork and shrimp.

Mix meat, shrimp, water and all the spices together and mix well. Separate the mixture into 2 portions, then add finely chopped Chinese celery in one and finely chopped mushroom in another one and mix well.

Cut the dough into 20 to 25 even pieces, use a rolling pin to roll the dough into thin dumpling wraps. The wrap should be really thin on the outside edge and thick in the center. Get the max. amount of meat to the center of  dumpling wrap that you can wrap the dumpling.

Line up dumplings to a nonstick pan and add cold water to cover about half of the dumplings, add 2tbsp oil the water and cook with a cover on. When the water is gone, the oil will start frying the dumplings.  When the water is all gone, you should start checking your dumpling if you don’t want to burn them.

This is so far the fastest and easiest way to make pan fried dumpling for me.   I made 2 different flavors dumpling today. You can also boil the dumpling if you don’t like pan fried one.


绞肉 300 克

姜 3 片

中国芹菜 50 克


虾 100 克

酱油 2.5tbsps

老抽 1/2 汤匙

蚝油 1 汤匙

料酒 1 汤匙

鸡粉 1 茶匙

白胡椒粉 1/3 茶匙

3 汤匙水



普通面粉 2 杯

2/3 杯水




我用6:4 比例的瘦猪肉和肥猪肉。 您可以使用任何你喜欢的比例。 此外我用食物处理器来切猪肉和虾。

把肉、 虾、 水和所有酱料混合在一起,搅拌均匀。把混合物分成 2 份,然后加切碎的芹菜于其中一份和切碎的香菇在另一份里。

把面团分成 20 到 25 份,用擀面杖擀成薄薄的饺子皮。皮应该是边缘薄,中间厚。放你可以包最多的肉到皮里包起饺子。

饺子排列整齐到不粘锅里,加冷水覆盖约一半的饺子,再加 2 汤匙油,盖上盖煮。当水煮没了的时候油就开始煎饺子了。 当水都消失了,你就应该开始检查你的饺子,不然很容易焦掉。

到目前为止,这是我觉的最快和最简单的煎饺子方法。今天我做了两种不停口味的饺子。 你也可以煮饺子如果你不喜欢煎的。



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