Chicken With Ginger Sauce/葱姜鸡


Half chicken 2.5 pounds

Ginger 3 slices


Scallion 40g minced

Ginger 40g minced

Garlic 40g minced

Salt  1.5tsps

Chicken bouillon powder 1.5tsps

Sugar 1tsp

Oil 1/3 cup

Mix all the ingredients for sauce together except oil. (I added a small piece of red pepper for color.)

Heat up oil until it is smoking, pour the oil to the above mixture. While adding the oil use pair of chopstick stirs the mixture.

In a large Chinese wok bring water(enough to cover the chicken) to boil and add the ginger to the water, cook the half chicken in the boil water for 30 seconds then take it out and leave it in the cold ice water for a minute. Put it back to the boiling water and repeat the same process one more time.

Cook the chicken in boiling water for 15 minutes with cover on, and then turn the heat off. Leave the chicken in the hot water with the cover on for 15-20 minutes.

Take the chicken out of water and cut into smaller pieces and serve with the sauce.


Mince 1/3 cup Shallots. Add chicken fat and  shallots to a skillet saute until aromatic.

Add the washed rice (7 cups) continue sauté until the rice is dried.

Pour all the rice to a rice cooker with 7 cups of chicken broth.

Add a few pieces of pandan leaves and 1-2tsp of salt then cook.




半鸡 2.5 磅

姜 3 片


葱剁碎的40 克,

姜剁碎的 40 克

大蒜剁碎的 40 克

盐 1.5茶勺

鸡粉 1.5茶勺

糖 1 茶匙

油 1/3 杯



在一个大锅里加水 (足以盖过鸡) 放鸡在滚水里 30 秒到一分钟,拿出来,放在冰水里一分钟。 再放入滚水里煮30 秒到一分钟,再重复一次以上的过程。

在滚水里盖上盖煮鸡15 分钟,,然后将火关掉。盖着盖子焖15-20 分钟。



加雞油在一個煎鍋里接着加紅蔥头炒到发出香味后加入洗好的大米炒到米粒乾了为止。倒入到電飯煲里,加 7 杯刚刚煮鸡的水,加幾片香蘭葉和 1-2 茶匙的鹽 摁下煮饭键煮。

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