My Day To Day Food/日常普通的三餐

People think that I am so lucky eating all the good food and never gain weight. Is it possible that someone is eating anything he/she wants and not gaining any weight? I think it is either this person has some kind of disease or this person is VERY VERY VERY lucky. And I am not one of those people. I can gain weight easily just like anyone of you. Then you may ask the question all my friends asking me: then how come I still look kind of skinny? First of all, I am not skinny ( I may look like it). Secondly, I am not eating good, fancy, fatty food every day. On my day to day life, I am a very healthy eater, and I exercise regularly. I’ve been running since 2005.

From now on I am going to post some of my Normal food pictures with or without recipes. A lot of times after I finish cooking something, I realize the food turns out to be really good, but I don’t remember how much ingredients/spices I use. So I don’t post it here. I’ve seen some recipes telling people the amount of ingredients/spices used by saying about, some, maybe, I don’t like it. When I post the recipe, I want every ingredients I use to be accurate, so when a beginner wants to cook the dish, it will be easy for he/she to fellow.

Oat meal is one of my favorite foods, on average I eat more than once a week. Today I am going to show you the oat meal I cook for breakfast. Remember beautiful color and nice presentation will always make a dish more attractive, you will see what I mean. Below are the ones I eat over the weekend when I have time to decorate them.


I also cook savory oatmeal too.


Ok, so oatmeal I eat on most of week days will look like this… I usually add chia seeds. Plain!!!! Sometimes I add some brown sugar. Do you still want to eat it? Lol…

WeChat Image_20170608214653


人们认为我很幸运, 吃了那么多的美食从不发胖。有没有可能有人可以吃他/她想要的所以东西而不发胖呢?我认为要不就是这人有某种疾病或这个人是非常非常非常的幸运。我不是以上的任何一种。我跟你们任何人一样容易变胖。那么你可能会问我所有的朋友经常问我的问题: 那为什么我看起来还是那么瘦?首先, 我不瘦 (我可能看起来像)。第二, 我也不是每天吃香喝辣。在我的生活中, 我是一个饮食非常健康的人, 而且我还经常锻炼。我从2005年就开始跑步了
从现在开始, 我要贴一些我平常吃的食物图片(也许有些没有食谱)。很多时候, 我煮完一道菜后才发现这道菜很好吃, 但我不记得用了多少配料/酱料。所以我不会张贴在这里。我曾看到有些食谱告诉人们材料用 一些, 适量, 我不喜欢这样写。当我张贴食谱时候, 我想把所有的量都说到最精准, 所以当一个初学者想学做的时候会很容易上手。
燕麦是我最喜欢的食物之一, 平均每周吃最少一次。今天我要给你们看一些我做的燕麦早餐。记住美丽的颜色和 精心的摆盘将使一个菜更有吸引力, 看了图片你会明白我的意思的。

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