Popcorn Ribs/椒盐排骨


This is one of my favor dishes, I love ribs so much, and I also love deep fried food, this is the perfect combination of both.  the secret to this dish to be so crispy are the paste and water chestnut starch. Of course make sure you fry them twice. But if you use chicken thigh instead to make popcorn chicken, it will taste really delicious too.

Ribs 350g

Salt 1/2tsp

Cooking wine 2tsps

Chicken bouillon 1/2tsp

Water chestnut starch 1/3 cup

Chinese basil leaves 15pieces

Oil 3 cups



Flour 3tbsps

Water 4tbsps

Salt a pinch

Dry Spice mix:

5spice powder 1/3tsp

White pepper 1/3 tsp

Sichuan peppercorns powder 1/3 tsp

Salt 1tsp


Cut the ribs into small pieces and marinate them with salt, cooking wine and chicken bouillon for at least 30 minutes.

Mix everything for paste together and mix well.

Mix everything for dry spice together too.

After marinate the ribs for 30 minutes, add all the paste to the ribs and mix well.

Dip the ribs with water chestnut starch piece by piece.

In a cooking pan add all the oil and heat it up to about 300F, deep fry half the ribs at a time in the oil for about 3-4 minutes.

Heat up the oil to about 355F, then deep frying all the ribs again in the oil for one minute.

Deep fry the basil in the oil for about 10 seconds.

Get the ribs in a big deep bowl, sprinkle the dry spice mix and the fried basil to the ribs and shake it up a little bit so the spices will be evenly distributed. If you like the rib to be more flavorful then you can sprinkle a little more of the spices.




盐1/2 茶匙


鸡精1/2 茶匙

马蹄粉1/3 杯










5香 粉末1/3 茶匙

白胡椒1/3 茶匙

四川花椒粉1/3 茶匙



把排骨切成小块, 用盐、料酒和鸡精腌至少30分钟。

将面糊材料全混在一起, 并搅拌好。


将排骨腌30分钟后, 把面糊加到排骨里, 拌匀。


在锅中加入所有的油加热到约 300F, 先将一半的排骨在油中炸约3-4 分钟,炸完了再炸另一半。

把油加热到大约 355F, 然后将所以的排骨在油里再炸一分钟。


把排骨放在一个大的深碗里, 把干香料和炸好的九层塔洒到排骨上, 稍微摇动一下, 这样香料就会均匀地粘在排骨上了。你喜欢味道重一点的就多撒一点香料。

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