Seafood Soup/海鲜汤



Lobster fat and juice 1.5 cups

Tofu a few pieces

Egg 1

Prawn 3 pieces

Cuttlefish 4 pieces

Chinese short razor clam 3 pieces

Water 1.5 cups

Minced Ginger, scallion and garlic 1tsp

Add 1 tbsp. vegetable oil to a skillet, add ginger, scallion and garlic sauté until fragrant.

Add water, tofu and lobster fat and juice to it, bring it to boil.

Add prawn, cuttlefish and clam and cook for 2 minutes.

Add some starch water to thicken the soup.

Beat up the egg in a separate bowl; add the egg to the soup. Add pinch of white pepper.

No salt needed for this dish since the lobster fat and juice is already salty.  I didn’t like the color of the dish because it looks kind of ugly, so I added a tbsp. of dark soy sauce. However it only made it worse, so I didn’t want to post this dish, but the taste of it is incredible, too delicious not to share it. So here you go!!!


龙虾脂肪和汁水1.5 杯

豆腐 几片





水1.5 杯



加1汤匙植物油到锅中, 加入姜、葱、蒜炒至香。

加入水,豆腐和龙虾的脂肪和汁水, 把它煮开。

加入大虾, 墨鱼和蛏子, 煮2分钟。


先把鸡蛋打在一个碗里; 难后把鸡蛋加到汤里。加入少许白胡椒粉。

这道菜不需要加盐, 因为龙虾的脂肪和汁水已经是咸的了。 我不喜欢这道菜的颜色, 因为它看起来有点难看, 所以我加了一汤匙老抽试图让它变好看一点。结果更糟, 所以我其实不想贴这道菜, 但它的味道是令人难以置信的美味, 这么美味怎么可以不分享!所以你们随便看看吧!


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