Shrimp With Golden Curry Sauce/咖喱虾

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I can’t believe I had never tried this curry sauce for all these years. I love food with curry sauce, and I had never really cooked anything good with it. I guess curry is something I don’t know how to cook.  Just recently I decided to use this Japanese instant curry sauce so I don’t have to buy so many different kind of spices just to cook one dish. This turned out to be a big shot!!!!! It is not the authentic curry food that I was expecting, but the flavor is worth of trying. And the cooking is super easy, you can use any kind of meat or just vegetables.

I’ve been eaten curry food since last week, and I am still in love with it. The first time I cooked shrimp with vegetables. And this week I cooked chicken breast with vegetables. The detail instruction is on the back of the package.  You also get to chose how spicy you want the sauce to be. The basic ingredients to use will be carrot, potatoes, and onion. I sometimes add mushroom at the end of cooking process.  Give it a try and let me know if you like it as much as I do.

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我很喜欢吃咖喱煮的菜,可我好像对于这道需要很多酱料煮的菜非常不拿手,在我的印象中我从没煮过一道像样的咖喱菜来。 最近偶尔看到这种日本的速煮咖喱酱, 就试了试,怎么知道一发不可收拾。从上个礼拜一直吃到现在还在吃。

这个咖喱酱有很多种不同程度的辣度你可以选择。基本上用土豆,洋葱和红萝卜煮就可以了, 当然你也可以加你自己喜欢的任何蔬菜和肉类。 盒子背面有很详细的做法可以参考。 试试看也许你也会跟我一样这么喜欢它的。


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