Pop Corn Chicken/盐酥鸡


I made pop corn chicken today by using the recipe I used the other day for pop corn ribs, but I did change a few things, and it is even better!!! It was still crispy one hour after I cooked it. Here is the link to the recipe:


I did change the dry spice mix ratio to:

Five spice powder : White pepper : Salt = 4:1:2

with more five spice powder the chicken becomes more flavorful. I just can’t have enough of it.

今天煮了盐酥鸡,用的是之前煮椒盐排骨的食谱。 当然我有改了一点点的干香料的配方。这个鸡在我炸了一个钟头后还是很酥!食谱链接在这:



五香粉:白胡椒粉:盐 = 4:1:2


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