Roast Pork Fried Rice/叉烧炒饭


I made the best fried rice ever today!!! It took hours and hours of work to make this dish, you don’t believe it? Let me tell you why.

I made my own Roast pork, and I used a wooden steamer to cook the rice. I also made the pork fat to fry this. Now you see, it took days to get this dish done. It sounds pretty challenging, and it is! I can’t believe I made it.

Here are the links to the home made roast pork and steam rice:



我的叉烧是自己烤的,饭是放在杉木桶里蒸出来的,还熬了猪油来炒饭。 听起来很麻烦费时吧? 还真的很不容易,我都不相信自己居然做到了。


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