Scallop In Garlic Sauce/蒜香扇贝

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Live scallop 6 pieces

Garlic 6 cloves (minced)

Red bell pepper 4tbsps (minced)

Oil 4 tbsps

Soy sauce for steam fish 3tbsps

Vermicelli 50g

Ginger 1tbsp (minced)

Scallion 2tbsp (finely chopped)

Cut open the scallops and take the white part of the body out and clean the shells.  (each side has half of the scallops)

Add 1tbsp of salt to the scallops and wash them with running water until they are clean without any sand.

Add oil to a cooking pan, heat it up, add ginger and garlic and sauté for 2 minutes or until lightly brown, add the red bell pepper and combine.

Bring some water to boil then cook the vermicelli for a minute. Drain then cut them shorter.

Divide the vermicelli into 12 equal portions and put them in each of the shells.

Put one pieces of scallop in each shell, then add some of the garlic ginger sauce on the top.

Put the scallops with shells on a big plate (I don’t have a plate big enough for all of them)

On a big cooking pan bring some water to boil, steam the plate of scallops over the water for 5 minutes.

Add soy sauce to each shell then garnish with some scallion for color.

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大蒜6颗 (剁碎)

红甜椒 4汤匙 (剁碎)




姜 1tbsp (剁碎)

大葱 2汤匙 (切碎)


切开扇贝, 取出白色的贝肉, 清理干净贝壳。(切开后每边有一半的扇贝)

在扇贝中加入1汤匙 的盐, 用自来水冲洗, 直到它们干净无砂。

将油加入锅中, 加热, 加入生姜和大蒜, 煎=炒2分钟或至淡褐色, 加入红甜椒。

把一些水煮开, 加入粉丝煮一分钟。然后把它们剪短。

把粉丝分成12等份, 把它们放在每个贝壳里。

在每个贝壳中放入一只干贝, 然后在上面加入一些刚煮的大蒜姜汁。

把扇贝放在大盘子里 (我没有够大的盘子装所有的扇贝)

在一个大锅里煮开一些水, 隔水蒸扇贝5分钟。

在每个扇贝中加入蒸鱼酱油, 然后用一些葱来装饰颜色。


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