Mashed Taro/芋泥

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This is a very traditional Fujianese dish. In the old time, this is a must have holiday dessert dish. Yes, it is dessert, so it is sweet!!! It has to have pork fat in it. I love it since when I can remember. You should adjust the ingredients to your own preferences. I sometimes use milk instead of water just so it is creamier.


3 cups cooked taro

1/2 cup pork fat

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup water

Some black sesame seeds for garnish


Peel the taro and cut into smaller pieces, steam over water until fork tender.

Use a potatoes smasher to smash the taro.

Add the rest of ingredients to the mashed taro and mix well.

Garnish with black sesame on top.

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這是一個非常傳統的福州菜。在以前這是一個过年过節必須有甜點。所以它是甜的!!!它一定要用到猪油。超喜欢吃。 你可以根據自己的喜好調整配料。我有時用牛奶代替水。
3 杯熟芋頭
1/2 杯豬油
1/3 杯糖
1/3 杯
將芋頭去皮, 切成小塊, 过水蒸至软烂。
把剩下的配料加入到芋泥中, 拌勻。

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