Pork Lard/猪油


Fat pork belly 2 pounds

Salt 1 tsp

Water 1 cup

Add all the ingredients to a sauce pan, and cook with medium heat for about 20 minutes or until the fat belly is lightly brown without any more fat.

This lard is good for any cooking, especially for fried rice and lo mein. Its rich and smooth flavor will make your food taste thousand times better.  Nowadays we have too much too eat, so this sort of fat is not recommended to eat every day, but once a while it will be ok. When I was little, that is what my mom use to cook every single day.





將所有材料放入鍋中, 用中火熬約20分鐘, 或直到猪油渣呈现輕微的褐色沒有更多的脂肪可以熬出来。

猪油适合煮任何菜式, 尤其是炒飯和炒麵。它豐富和平滑的味道將使您的美食好吃几百倍。 現在我們吃得太多了, 所以這類脂肪油不建議每天吃, 但偶尔嘗試一次會使它更加好吃。记得我小的時候, 我媽媽每一天都在用猪油做菜。

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