I used to make sushi quite often, I don’t know why I hadn’t done that for a while. My mother just recently asked me if I could make sushi again. The answer is YES of course. They could’ve been better looking if it wasn’t because my father couldn’t wait to eat them! LOL. Anyway I will still show them to you. I don’t eat raw fish, so you won’t see any of them here.

People think making sushi is difficult!!! It is actually not as hard as you may think. Of course I am not saying it is easy, it requires some practice, the worst thing could happen is that you’re eating the rolls ugly/broken/messy. Well they will still taste the same in your mouth good looking or not! So please do try to make them at home; I mean think of how much money you can save by making it at home (fun too). My recommendation is watch videos online, and then practice at home, then you will realize it is not that hard at all. Good eat everyone!!!!

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Ingredients for rice:

Short grain rice 3 Cups

Water 3 cups

Japanese Rice vinegar 4tbsps

Sugar 2tbsps

Salt 1tsp

Dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar, set aside.

Cook rice in a rice cooker with the ratio of rice : water=1:1.

when the rice is done, add the vinegar mixture to the rice and use a rice spatula to mix it. ( don’t smash the rice, we don’t want  rice paste. )

Set the rice aside with a damp kitchen paper towel on top of it until it is cool enough to work on.

The ingredient for stuffings can be any of you favor fish, seafood, meat or just vegetables. I have used below ingredients:

Fried shrimp

Artificial crab meat

Salmon fish

Capelin Roe

Roasted seaweed/Nori




Yellow radish

I don’t like raw carrot, so I usually boil it in boiling water for a few minutes. The thin slice avocado is for dragon roll.

Here is how I make them, I like to cut about 1/3 of the nori off. So the finish product will not be too big for one bite. I think we suppose to eat it one piece at one shot.

Add rice evenly to the rough side of Nori


Add you favor stuffings on top of it


With the help of the bamboo mat roll the top portion of it over( I always wrap the mat with plastic for easy cleaning later)


Roll it one more time and it is ready. Make sure you press the mat with some pressure every time you roll over, so the roll with stick together tightly.


Here is how to make rolls with rice side out. You can add some sesame seeds on the rice, so it will be pretty. You flip over the sheet after you apply the rice to it.


After you finish making the rolls, cutting them is just as important as rolling. In order to cut them evenly, you need a very sharp knife!!!! I made a very pretty dragon roll before cutting, I was disappointed after cutting. Clean the knife with water every time when it is sticky with rice on the surface.

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Since I don’t eat raw fish, I pan fry my salmon fish then mix it with Japanese Mayo and pinch of salt.

I also mix my crab meat with Japanese mayo and Capelin Roe ( recommended)

I don’t follow any rules, I use all my favor ingredients to make sushi. I had done Chinese dried fish, Dried pork, fried peanuts…

Here are the dipping sauce:

Soy sauce



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Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

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