Chuck Short Ribs with Onion/洋葱牛排

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Chuck short ribs 1/2 pound

1/2 Small size onion( shredded)

A few thin slices bell pepper for color


1.5tbsps light soy sauce

1tbsp dark soy sauce

6tbsps water

1tbsp hoisin sauce

1.5 tbsp honey

1/3tsp white pepper

1/3 tsp chicken bouillon


Mix all the ingredients for sauce together.

Cut short ribs into thumb size dices, then add half of the sauce to it and marinate for 2-3 hours.

Deep fry the short ribs in 170C degree oil for about 60 seconds ( adjust the time depend on your own preference).

Leave 2tbsps oil in the pan and sauteed the onion for about 2  minutes, add the bell pepper, short ribs and saute with additional 2 tbsps water to it. Combine well and cook for 30 more seconds and ready to serve.

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牛短肋骨1/2 磅

1/2 个小洋葱 (切丝)



1.5汤匙 味极鲜

1汤匙 老抽

6汤匙 水


1.5 汤匙蜂蜜

1/3 茶匙白胡椒粉

1/3 茶匙鸡精


将短肋骨切成拇指指甲大小的丁, 然后加入一半的调味汁腌2-3 小时。

在170C 度的油里炸约60秒 (调整时间取决于你自己的喜好)。

剩2汤匙的油放在锅里, 加洋葱炒约2分钟, 加入甜椒, 短排骨, 再加2汤匙水再炒30秒混合好 就可以吃了。


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