I would like to share some of my day to day breakfast with you, I don’t have recipes here today. You may find most of them if you search here. After all these years, I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day now.  I eat as much as I want for breakfast, but still most of time I am eating healthy. I don’t like some of the diets saying that we shouldn’t eat this, shouldn’t touch that. Our bodies need everything, we should eat everything! The most important thing for a healthy diet is watch the portion!



WeChat Image_20180329215027

WeChat Image_20180329215020

WeChat Image_20180329215033

WeChat Image_20180405192338

WeChat Image_20180325215247


WeChat Image_20180329215013

WeChat Image_20180419193247

WeChat Image_20180419193235

WeChat Image_20180419193040




I love beautiful color, good presentations. I believe If you see something beautiful like above, you will want to eat them even if you don’t like any particular food. I will tell you some secrets: I don’t like boiled egg! I hate milk. I buy so much berries only because I love the colors and their looks. I hate the smell of plain yogurt. But you see everything I don’t like are here! Why? you’re asking. Well, I know they are good for me so I am eating them. In order for me to eat them happily is to make them look appealing or coming up with good recipes to make them taste delicious!  (For example I added plain yogurt and milk to berries to make beautiful smoothies which I love so much!)

So, if you don’t eat breakfast, start to get some ideas from here maybe for tomorrow morning? Ok everyone good eat, healthy life!

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