Curry Fried Rice/咖喱炒饭


I love fried rice very much, so I make it quite often. It is pretty much the same each time, so I don’t post all of them. But this one is a little different, I added some curry powder at the end and the rice tasted so much better. I really like the smell of it, so fragrant!

Here is the link to fried rice, just add the curry powder at the end, and everything else is pretty much the same.

Here is the curry powder I used.

Image result for kim tu thap 咖喱粉

我非常喜欢炒饭, 所以我经常做。每次都差不多, 所以我不会全部张贴。但是这个有点不同, 我在最后加了一些咖喱粉, 米饭尝起来好吃多了。我真的很喜欢它的味道, 那么香!


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