Cucumber Salad/凉拌小黄瓜


Total $1.75

English cucumber 1

Sweet chili Sauce:

Thai sweet chili sauce 1tbsp

Water 2 tbsps

Sugar 2tsps

Rice Vinegar 1.5tbsps

Garlic 1 clove (minced)

Salt ½ tsp


Savory sauce:

Soy sauce 3tbsps

Shallot oil 1tbsp

Chicken Bouillon 1/2tsp

Balsamic vinegar 1tbsp

Garlic 2 cloves(minced)

Hoisin sauce 2tsp

Sugar 1/2 tbsp


Mix the ingredients for sauce together and mix well.

Peel some of the skin off the cucumber to make it look prettier.

Cut 90 degrees straight down to 2/3 the wide of the cucumber on one side.

Turn the cucumber to the other side and cut 45 degrees tilted down to 2/3 the wide of the cucumber on the other side.

Pour 2-3 cups of water to a big bowl, add 2tsps salt and dissolve.  Leave the cucumber we just cut in the water for 15 minutes.

Get the cucumber out of salted water and gently squeeze the excess water.

Circle the cucumber in a plate the pour the sauce over it.

This is a super healthy and delicious dish for hot summer. You can make different kind of dressings for it. When you cut the cucumber, make sure don’t cut it through if you want to impress others. The first time when I made it, I cut it a little to thick so it didn’t look as pretty as the second one.

WeChat Image_20180527100525




大蒜1粒 (碎)

盐½ 茶匙




鸡精1/2 茶匙


大蒜2粒 (切碎)


糖1/2 汤匙

把酱汁调味料混合在一起, 拌匀。

刮掉黄瓜上的一些皮, 使它看起来更漂亮。
在黄瓜的一面以90度直切黄瓜至2/3 的宽度。
把黄瓜转到另一边, 以45度斜切黄瓜到 2/3的宽度。
倒2-3 杯水到一个大碗里, 加入2茶匙盐搅拌溶解。 把黄瓜放在水里15分钟。
把黄瓜从咸水中取出, 轻轻地挤掉多余的水。
炎炎夏日这是一个超级健康和美味的凉拌菜。你可以做不同的酱汁来陪它。当你切黄瓜的时候, 小小不要把它切断。我第一次做的时候, 我切的有点厚, 所以它看起来不如第二个那么漂亮。

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