Soy Sauce Chicken/豉油鸡


3 servings $3.00 per serving.

I made this dish in the morning today. I read so many recipes last night and I didn’t know which one to choose from so I decided to make my own version of it. It turned out to be a great delicious and easy dish. My mother complained it was too delicious so she ate more than she was supposed to. Lol…

Half Chicken about 2 pounds

water 1 cup

Light soy sauce 1/4 cup

Mushroom flavored dark soy sauce 3tbsps

Rock sugar 25g

Ginger 3 slices

Garlic 1 clove

Scallion 2-3 pieces ( whole scallion)

Bring some water to boil, then add the whole half chicken to the water, take it out after 20 seconds, rinse it with cold water or add it to ice cold water right away.

Take the chicken out of the cold water after a minute or so and repeat the procedure one more time( hot then cold). The purpose of doing this is to make the chicken skin more Elastic.

Add one tbsp oil in a cooking pan, add ginger, garlic and scallion to the oil and saute for 30 seconds.

Add the rest of sauce ingredients and bring the whole thing to boil then continue to boil for 2 minutes.

Add chicken to the sauce, then reduce the heat to medium and cook with a lid on for 10 minutes.

Turn the chicken to the other side and continue to cook with a lid on for 7-8 minutes. Turn the heat off.

When it cools down, cut and serve.


You can dip the chicken with the sauce we just cook the chicken with. The reduced sauce now is very delicious and you can use it to make fried rice or mix it with noodles. Yum! Try to buy fresh chicken instead of defrost one. You will know the differences when you try it. The soy sauces are very important to the final result too. Below are the soy sauces I used for this dish.

WeChat Image_20180612214728

3 份,每份$3.00

今天早上我做了这道菜。昨晚我找了很多食谱, 我不知道该选哪一个, 所以我决定做我自己的版本。结果成品美味的不得了还很简单。我妈妈抱怨它太好吃了, 所以她吃得比她想象的要多很多。哈哈哈。。。。。。



味极鲜1/4 杯





葱2-3 条 (全葱)

锅里放些水煮沸, 然后把整个半鸡肉加到水里, 20 秒后取出, 用冷水冲洗, 或者马上加入冰冷水中泡。

一分钟左右把鸡肉从冷水中取出, 再重复一次 (热+冷)。这样做的目的是使鸡皮更具弹性。

在锅里加一汤匙油, 加姜、蒜和葱油, 炒30秒。

添加其余的调味料汁, 并煮沸, 然后继续煮2分钟。

在调味汁中加入鸡肉, 然后将火调到中火, 加盖子煮10分钟。

把半鸡转一边, 继续盖盖子煮7-8 分钟。熄火。



你可以用煮鸡肉的酱汁蘸鸡肉。煮完后的酱汁是非常美味的, 你可以用它来做炒饭或拌面。尽量买新鲜的鸡肉, 而不是解冻的。酱油的品质对最终的结果也很重要。上面是我用来做这道菜的酱油。


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