Chinese Sausage/腊肠

I thought about making Chinese sausage for quite some time, but never really did it until this year when I was finally ready, so here is my Chinese sausages.


Cantonese sausage

Lean Pork 3500g

Pork fat 1500g

Salt 1.6% 80g

Soy sauce 3% 150g

Sugar 7.5% 375g

Vodka 5% 250g

Sausage casing one bag 50 inches

I hand cut all the pork and fat into small dices myself, it was crazy lot of work. You can just use ground pork, but some people say hand cut tastes much better than ground pork. I think maybe the texture makes the differences.

Mix all the spices with the meat and pork and let it marinate in your refrigerator for a day.

Rise and wash the sausage casing thoroughly and soak them in warm water for one hour before use.

I don’t have a sausage stuffer at home, so I used the method I found online by using a plastic coke bottle. Cut the top part of the bottle off and tide the casing to the mouth of the bottle and stuff the sausage. It worked fine with me, I only broke the casing once, but it may not work as fast as the machine. But Hey! I don’t want to buy a machine and only gonna do it once.

WeChat Image_20190310193020

WeChat Image_20190310193044

After you done with all the pork, tie them tight and twist them the length you want. It is very important not to stuff them too full so when you twist them the casing will not break.

Hang them out door with the temperature of 5C or lower. If the outdoor temperature is too high make sure take them and hang them in your refrigerator. (yes hang), so it is better do them when it is really cold winter time. It will need about 2 weeks for them to be ready in that kind of weather.




盐 1.6% 80g

酱油 3% 150 克

糖 7.5% 375g

伏特加酒5% 250 克

香肠套一袋 50英寸

我手切把所有的猪肉和肥肉都切成小块, 这是个工作量很大的活。你可以使用碎猪肉, 但有些人说手工切割的味道比磨碎的猪肉好吃多了。我想也许这个质地会造成口感不同。

将所有的香料与肉类混合, 让它在冰箱里腌制一天。

彻底清洗香肠套, 在使用前将其浸泡在温水中一小时。

我家里没有灌香肠的机器, 所以我用在网上找到的方法用塑料可乐瓶来灌。把瓶子的顶部剪下来, 把香肠套口套进瓶盖口, 就可以灌香肠了。它对我来说很好用, 我只戳破了一次套子, 但它的工作速度可能不如机器快。但是嘿! 我不想买一台机器来但只打算做一次。

当你灌完所有的猪肉后, 把它的口绑紧, 并扭成你要的长度。很重要的是你不要灌的太满, 所以当你扭他们的时候才不会破。

在5摄氏度或更低一点的温度下将它们挂在外面。如果室外温度过高, 一定要把它们拿去 挂在冰箱里。(是的, 挂着), 所以最好在当冬天真的很冷的时候做这个。在那种天气下, 他们需要大约两周的时间才能做好。







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