Overnight Oatmeal/過夜泡燕麥片

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I am in love with overnight oatmeal recently, not only it tastes much better than cooked oatmeal, but also it is easier to prepare. I also love the texture of it too. You can add any kind of your favorite fruits or nuts or seeds to it. I even add ricotta cheese to it. So healthy and yummy! It is a new year, maybe you can do something good to your own health!

Old fashion quaker oats oatmeal 1/2 cup

Milk/soy milk/almond milk 1 cups

Honey (optional)

Add your favorite drink: Milk/soy milk/almond milk to the oatmeal in a container with a lid on then leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, you can garnish it with fruits, nuts, chia seeds or anything that you would like to eat it with. Be creative, you will find it is a lot of fun to decorate it! Let me show you some of mine from my recent breakfasts:

Try to use old fashion oats, and I recommend quaker oats, don’t use instant or quick 1 minute oat, they will turn out mushy so they won’t taste good.


我最近很喜歡過夜泡燕麥片,不僅味道比煮熟的燕麥片好很多,而且更容易準備。還有我也喜歡它的口感。你可以添加任何你自己喜歡的水果或堅果或奇亞子。我甚至加了裡科塔乳酪。 真的是又健康又美味!今天是新的一年的開始,也許你可以做一些對自己健康有益的事情!

傳統燕麥片 1/2 杯

牛奶/豆漿/杏仁奶 1 杯





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