Sweet Vinegar Ginger Pork Feet/姜醋豬脚


Pork Feet 3 pounds

Diluted Sweeten black Vinegar 700Ml

Egg 5

Ginger 10 Oz.

Have the butcher to help you cut the pork feet into smaller chunks.
Use a spoon to peel the ginger’s skin, cut into smaller chunks then use the knife to smash it.
Boil the eggs in boiling water about 10 minutes, when cools down peel the egg shell.
Bring some water to boil, add 3 pieces of ginger and 2 tbsps cooking wine then blanch the pork feet in boiling water for 10 minutes.

In a skillet saute the ginger for 5 minutes without oil.
Add the ginger, boiled egg and pork feet to a clay pot and add the vinegar until it cover the meat about 700ml.
Bring everything to boil then turn the heat to the lowest and continue to cook for 3.5 hours.



WeChat Image_20200125225930

豬腳 3 磅

添丁甜醋 700毫升

雞蛋 5個

生薑 10 盎司。






將生薑、雞蛋和豬腳加入砂鍋中,加入醋,直到肉被覆蓋約 700 毫升。



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