Fried Salty Dough/油條

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This is one of the most common Chinese breakfasts in China, literally every Chinese have tried it and almost every one loves it. It usually pairs with soy milk.

I had tried to make it a few times before, but never once it came out as good as I remembered, but today I made a really good one, so I would like to share it with you.

All purpose flour 500 g

Egg 1

Salt 8 g

Baking soda 4 g

Baking powder 4 g

Vegetable oil 15 g

Water 275 g

Mix everything together in a big bowl, and mix well, it will be very sticky at first, but keep mixing them for about 2 minutes until smooth, brush some oil on the top and seal the bowl with plastic wrap.

Keep it in the refrigerator over night.

Take it out the refrigerator the next morning and leave it in the room temperature for  30 minutes.

Take the dough out of the bowl and knead it with a rolling pin into a long rectangle, cut the rectangle into some strips, get one strip on top of the other, get a chopstick and press down in the middle.

Heat up some oil in a frying pan, pick up one pair of strips and stretch it a little so it will be a little longer and use some strength on the fingers used to pick up the strips so the ends will stick together.

Deep fried the dough in the oil and make sure you use something ( we use chopsticks) to turn the dough, it will turn into golden brown real quick. When it is golden brown on every side, it is ready.

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油條是中國最常見的中式早餐之一,實際上每個中國人都吃過, 而且幾乎每個人都喜歡它。它通常與豆漿配對。

我之前曾試圖做過幾次,但從來沒有出來這麼好過, 但今天我試了一個非常好的食譜,所以我想與大家分享。

普通麵粉 500 克

雞蛋 1

鹽 8 克

蘇打粉 4 克

泡打粉 4 克

植物油 15 克

水 275 克

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