Rice Burger/米飯漢堡

Last week I wanted to eat hamburger but I didn’t have burger buns at home and didn’t feel like to go out and buy due to the COVID 19 outbreak. So I decided to make this rice burger.

WeChat Image_20200502171329

Here is how to make rice bun:

1 cup short grand rice

1 cup water

Wash the rice before add it and water to a rice cooker.

Here is the link to prepare the burger meat and everything else.


when rice is ready, use a rice bun mold to make rice buns. I don’t have a rice mold at home so I get 1/3 of the rice I made to make a ball, make sure you fold them together really tight. then you press the ball down to the shape of burger bun. Make 2 of them.

In a non stick pan, spread a little bit of oil, pan fry the buns on each side until lightly golden brown. Serve when the buns are still warm.




1 杯水






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